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Dear Spectators,

We are excited to welcome you to the 2023 South Carolina Women's Level 1-5 Gymnastics State Championships, hosted by Lake Murray Gymnastics in Chapin, SC. This year, we have over 650 athletes from across the state competing for the state championship title.

We want to wish all of the athletes good luck as they compete at the state championships. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to reach this level of competition, and we know that each and every athlete will give it their all on the competition floor. 

Thank you for joining us for this exciting event. Let's cheer on our athletes and enjoy a great competition!

Blank Score Sheet

Ses 1     Ses 2     Ses 3     Ses4     Ses 5     Ses 6     Ses 7     Ses 8     Ses 9

Ses 1     Ses 2     Ses 3     Ses4     Ses 5     Ses 6     Ses 7     Ses 8     Ses 9